Jessica Clark, Sap, Vault, Alex Brenner

Rafaella Marcus


Photo Alex Brenner

2020/22      Vault Festival, London; Paines Plough Roundabout @ Summerhall, Edinburgh (postponed)

in development with Ellie Keel Productions and 45North

A myth, a lie, a tree.


This is a story with a crime at its heart. 


When a woman tells a lie to her girlfriend, a seed is planted that starts to grow in the darkness. Now roots are cracking up through the pavement and branches are coming in at the windows, and - as Daphne starts to see things that no one else can - she becomes the focus of some seriously unwanted attention.


A loose reimagining of a certain myth, this is a queer urban fable about bisexuality from an award-winning team.

'I don’t think I’ve produced a play that has had such an immediate and warm response. It speaks directly to people and it explores bisexuality in such an interesting and celebratory way. That’s unusual.'

In August 2020, producer Ellie Keel spoke to Lyn Gardner for The Stage series 'The Empty Space': interviews about the plays that should have opened during the pandemic, and what the people behind them plan to do now.

The full interview, and links to others in the series, can be found here.

Written by Rafaella Marcus

VAULTS Cast Jessica Clark, Louisa Hollway

Development Cast Emma D'Arcy, Amanda Wilkin

Director Jessica Lazar

Movement Director Jennifer Fletcher

Composer / Sound Designer Tom Foskett Barnes

Lighting Designer David Doyle

Set & Costume Designer Rūta Irbīte

VAULTS Production Manager Jennifer Lunn

Producers Ellie Keel for Ellie Keel Productions

PR & Marketing Chloe Nelkin Consulting

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