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Rafaella Marcus


2020        Vault Festival London, North Wall Oxford, and other venues to be announced

currently in development with Ellie Keel Productions

A myth, a lie, a tree.


This is a story with a crime at its heart. 


When a woman tells a lie to her girlfriend, a seed is planted that starts to grow in the darkness. Now roots are cracking up through the pavement and branches are coming in at the windows, and - as Daphne starts to see things that no one else can - she becomes the focus of some seriously unwanted attention.


A loose reimagining of a certain myth, this is a queer urban fable about bisexuality and biphobia from an award-winning team.

SAP is currently in development: all showings are work-in-progress sharing until further notice.

Playwright Rafaella Marcus

Director Jessica Lazar

Cast and Creative Team will be announced soon...

With thanks to Emma D'Arcy and Jessica Clark.

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